Census FAQs


Why do we need a census?

  • The Population and Housing Census of 2020 is the national census of population and households based on various demographic, social and economic features.
  • Census implementation are subject to the Census Act 1960 (Revised-1969)
  • Census provides information on the total stock of residence, basic amenities and housing requirements available.
  • Data collected will provide a comprehensive set of statistical information on population, social and economic trends.

Will I be enumerated?

  • Make sure that you are enumerated during MyCensus 2020 in July 2020.
  • Census Day is on 7th of July, 2020

Who will be counted in MyCensus 2020?

  • All persons including non-citizens who had stayed or intended in Malaysia for 6 months or more in the year 2020. This includes:
      • Babies born ON OR BEFORE Census Day and STILL LIVING on Census Day (7 July 2020).
      • Those who passed away ON OR AFTER Census Day (7 July 2020).
      • Malaysian's population commuting across the Malaysia border (e.g. Singapore and Thailand) for work or study but maintaining usual residence within Malaysia.
      • Malaysian's population who were overseas as tourist, on short term study (less than 6 months) or attending conferences/ seminars or on business.
      • Expatriates and other foreign workers as well as their family members staying in Malaysia.
      • Foreign visitors and students staying in Malaysia.
      • Foreign military and diplomatic personnel and their families staying in Malaysia.
      • Persons without permanent homes (e.g. homeless).

Will the information that I provided be safe and secured?

  • Section 19 under the Census Act of 1960 (Revised-1969) states that any individual information may not be disclosed.
  • Only agregate data will be published.
  • Ensure that the enumerators own the official identity card for enumerators.

What are the method of data collection used in this census?

  • Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI)
    • The CAPI data collection method is a method by which the Enumerator will visit TK and conduct respondent interviews by recording information respondents online and offline using tablets or smartphones. 


  • e-Census
    • The e-Census methodology is the completion of online surveys by respondents through the Census Portal and Stats Geoportal (http://ecensus.mycensus.gov.my/). Respondents can fill in questionnaires online through the portal provided by the department.


  • Paper and Pen Interview (PAPI)
    • This method is the method by which the Enumerator will visit TK to conduct face-to-face interviews with respondents and record the information obtained in the questionnaire.


  • Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) 
    • This method, the Enumerator will make a telephone interview and all respondent information will be included in the CATI system. 


  • Drop-off & Pick Up (DOPU) 
    • This method Enumerator will leave the questionnaire (drop off) in TK on Census Day and the Enumerator will retrieve the questionnaire filled up by the respondent.
    • Implementation of this census mode is flexible for urban and rural areas taking into account existing facilities in the area.

What are my responsibilities?

  • Whether you are a Malaysian citizen or not, it is your responsibility to provide  accurate information to the enumerator. Your cooperation in providing the necessary information is important in developing population and housing statistics for national socio-economic development.

The Census 2020 will not ask the following questions:

  • Financial or donation information;
  • Nothing about political views or parties; and
  • Bank or credit card information/number.

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