Census FAQs


Why do we need a census?

  • The Population and Housing Census of 2020 is the national census of population and households based on various demographic, social and economic features.
  • Census implementation are subject to the Census Act 1960 (Revised-1969)
  • Census provides information on the total stock of residence, basic amenities and housing requirements available.
  • Data collected will provide a comprehensive set of statistical information on population, social and economic trends.

Will I be enumerated?

The Population and Housing Census of Malaysia is conducted on:

  • Phase 1 is online using e-Census from 7 July - 31 December, 2020
  • Phase 2 interviews will be held from 20 January - 6 February, 2021

Who will be counted in MyCensus 2020?

  • All persons including non-citizens who had stayed or intended in Malaysia for 6 months or more in the year 2020. This includes:
      • Babies born ON OR BEFORE Census Day and STILL LIVING on Census Day (7 July 2020).
      • Those who passed away ON OR AFTER Census Day (7 July 2020).
      • Malaysian's population commuting across the Malaysia border (e.g. Singapore and Thailand) for work or study but maintaining usual residence within Malaysia.
      • Malaysian's population who were overseas as tourist, on short term study (less than 6 months) or attending conferences/ seminars or on business.
      • Expatriates and other foreign workers as well as their family members staying in Malaysia.
      • Foreign visitors and students staying in Malaysia.
      • Foreign military and diplomatic personnel and their families staying in Malaysia.
      • Persons without permanent homes (e.g. homeless).

Will the information that I provided be safe and secured?

  • Section 19 under the Census Act of 1960 (Revised-1969) states that any individual information may not be disclosed.
  • Only agregate data will be published.
  • Ensure that the enumerators own the official identity card for enumerators.

What are the method of data collection used in this census?

  • Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI)
    • The CAPI data collection method is a method by which the Enumerator will visit TK and conduct respondent interviews by recording information respondents online and offline using tablets or smartphones. 
  • Paper and Pen Interview (PAPI)
    • This method is the method by which the Enumerator will visit TK to conduct face-to-face interviews with respondents and record the information obtained in the questionnaire.
  • Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) 
    • This method, the Enumerator will make a telephone interview and all respondent information will be included in the CATI system. 
  • Drop-off & Pick Up (DOPU) 
    • This method Enumerator will leave the questionnaire (drop off) in TK on Census Day and the Enumerator will retrieve the questionnaire filled up by the respondent.
    • Implementation of this census mode is flexible for urban and rural areas taking into account existing facilities in the area.

What are my responsibilities?

  • Whether you are a Malaysian citizen or not, it is your responsibility to provide  accurate information to the enumerator. Your cooperation in providing the necessary information is important in developing population and housing statistics for national socio-economic development.

The Census 2020 will not ask the following questions:

  • Financial or donation information;
  • Nothing about political views or parties; and
  • Bank or credit card information/number.

What is the e-Census mode?

The e-Census mode is the completion of online surveys by respondents through:

Why use the e-Census?

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak, surveys will be conducted using the e-Census censorship mode where this censorship mode does not require face-to-face censorship and only needs to answer the questionnaire online.

How to access the e-Census?

The e-Census can be accessed through:

Will I have to answer the 2020 Census online?

The respondent can choose either to response via online or paper-based.  The online e-Census will be easy, secure, and fast to be completed.

What are the questions that will be asked during the Census 2020 enumeration?

The census questionnaire includes:

  • Household and living quarters (ownership, rental information, safety etc.);
  • Demography information (gender, age, marital status, ethnic group etc.);
  • School information (schooling status, the highest level of certificate, the field of study etc.);
  • Work information (the type of occupation, place of work, distance from workplace etc.);
  • Disable person information;
  • Birth information;
  • Health and fitness (Disease information, insurance coverage, kind of sports/exercise you like to do etc.);
  • Social relations (social media, interaction with family and neighbours etc.)
  • Housing (others living quarters ownership, affordable prices of living quarters etc.);
  • Senior citizen (activities senior citizen often did, source of income etc.)

Why was my house chosen to fill out an e-Census?

In line with today's technological advances, the government intends to use the broadest possible online platform for information collection. You will receive a postcard if your home is selected in response to the e-Census.

Why can I not log in to e-Census? What's my next action?

You may have entered an incorrect email address or OTP. Please enter the registered email address, and OTP received.

I do not receive the e-Census postcard, but I am interested in answering the Census 2020 questionnaire using the e-Census method, how do I do it?

You can pre-register via:

If your address is successfully matched, a notification email will be sent, or helpdesk will contact you to notify about your invitation code for use in filling out e-Census.

If your address did not match, a notification email would be sent, or helpdesk will contact you to inform that to be censored in January 2021.

My address is not found in e-Census, what next should I do?

You can pre-register via:

A notification and email containing your living quarters ID will be provided.

Can I answer half or a few questions in advance and continue the other day?

Yes, but you need to sign in again using the same ID living quarters.

How do I get the OTP?

You will receive after registering your email.

Do I need to use the same OTP before?

Yes but it would be best if you used the same OTP.

Why my data are missing? Do I need to refill again?

There may be problems with the e-Census system during the filling period. Refills need to be performed.

Is my data auto-saving even if I haven't send it?


My spouse/family member is also a civil servant, does he or she need to fill in too?

Only one number of ID living quarters, spouse/household member will no longer have to fill out the charge once the head of living quarters has filled it.

Why are there so many questions? Do I have to answer all the questions?

All census questions need to be answered.

The objective of the census question is to be an input to the development plan of the country, including the per capita distribution as enshrined in the Constitution.

When is the e-Census filing deadline?

Online census (e-Census) will be opened until 31 October 2021. 

I have finished answering and sending e-Census, but there is information to update, how do I provide that information?

You can call call centre at number 1-800-88-7720, they will assist you.

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