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Population and Housing Census of  Malaysia 2020 is a census project that will be carried out in all housing and residential areas throughout Malaysia in the year 2020. 2020 census is the sixth census carried out since the formation of Malaysia in 1963. Implementation of the 2020 Census refers to the provisions found in the Census Act 1960 (revised 1969). This Act also ensures that all information collected is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed.
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Census of 2020 will be implemented online

In line with the technological advancements and lifestyle changes of Malaysians, online census information collection is being introduced through the Census Portal and mobile applications. To complete the e-Census form, a postcard containing the e-Census guide and link on the Census Portal will be sent to your residence. In addition, mobile applications are also introduced for enumerators to fill out your information during interviews using a tablet or smartphone.


Do I need to complete a census?

Yes. Based on the Census Act 1960 (revised 1969) make it compulsory for all members of the public to participate and answer all questions on the Census.

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Why we do the Census?

The objective of implementing the census is to compile the total coverage and profile of the population, households and living quarters in Malaysia with a wide range of demographic and socio-economic characteristics to the smallest area.  The latest and comprehensive census data will be a key and important source for the preparation of the National Development Plan. 


Why do I need to participate in the Census of 2020?

The implementation of the population and housing census is important for identifying the size, distribution, composition and socio-economic characteristics of population and housing in Malaysia. The information collected will be used to plan, formulate and implement the policy of the Government of Malaysia for the purpose of national development and the interest of Malaysians in the future. Information from the Census helps determine how government funding worth billions of ringgits will be spent across the country. Information from the census will be used to make plans and decisions regarding the public services required for each locality such as hospitals, schools, roads, and public transport. Local authorities also uses information from the census to help meet the core needs of their area.

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