Datuk Ramesh 

Census Commissioner 1970


Datuk Ramesh Chander began his career in the Bureau of Statistics, Federation of Malaya on 3 November 1958. He was the first Malaysian to be appointed as the Chief Statistician on 1 January 1966.

He was made the first Commissioner of Population and Housing Census in 1970. This census utilised scanning technology for data capture, making Malaysia one of a few developing countries that successfully employed this technology. He also successfully conducted the first Post Enumeration Survey (PES) that collected data on income, fertility and labour with a link to individual census records. This was not only a pioneering effort but marked a significant achievement. The PES itself was the foundation upon which the World Bank based its methodology for its living standards measurement studies, a survey tool now used globally.

He retired as Chief Statistician on 31 December 1977 and later joined the World Bank.


Census Commissioner 1980 & 1991


Dato' Khoo Teik Huat joined the Bureau of Statistics, Federation of Malaya on 5 April 1961 and was appointed the Chief Statistician on 18 May 1978. He continued the task of his predecessor in consolidating and strengthening the collection and processing of statistical data through the establishment of the Main User Committee and the Statistics Steering Committee. These two committees played an important role in determining the guidelines, policies and priorities of statistical activities.

Meanwhile, the Geographical Information System (GIS) was introduced in 1989. The objective of GIS is to cater for the needs of the Population and Housing Census with regards to geographical data, in particular geo-statistics and administrative data.

Due toe his remarkable contribution, he was awarded the title Dato' by the Yang Dipertua Negeri Pulau Pinang on 16 July 1991 and he retired on 14 December 1992.

Datuk Ramesh 


Datuk Ramesh 

Census Commissioner 2000


Dato' Shaari Bin Abdul Rahman assumed his career as a Statistician on 1 May 1971 and was appointed the fourth Chief Statistician effective 16 September 1995.

Among the initiatives undertaken by him was to strengthen the role of the State Branches as Font Liners in data collection. He also introduced the usage of ICT in the processing and online transfer of data via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) between the DOS State Offices and Headquarters.

In line with advancement in technology, during his tenure, the Census Frame Database System (SPDRB) was developed.

Upon his retirement on 19 September 2004, he continued to serve as an advisor of statistics to the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department. Currently, he sits on the Board of Directors of four subsidiaries of FELCRA.

He was bestowed the Dato' Paduka Mahkota Perak (D.P.M.P) which carried the title Dato' on 19 April 2000.


Census Commissioner 2010


Dato' Hajah Wan Ramlah Binti Wan Abd Raof, joined the Department of Statistics on 15 November 1976. She was appointed Chief Statistician on 3 October 2007.

In modernising the delivery system, the ICT Strategic Plan (ISP) project is realised through the implementation of the National Enterprise-Wide Statistical Systems (NEWSS). She also introduces the use of the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and the e-Survey for data collection.

As a leader, she is committed to accomplish the vision and mission of the Department to be a leading statistical organisation internationally with the commitments and support of the staff.

She was bestowed the Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang (D.I.M.P) in 2009, which carries the title Dato'. She retired on 11 August 2011.

Datuk Ramesh 



 Datuk Ramesh

Census Commissioner 2020


Dato' Sri Dr. Mohd Uzir bin Mahidin, started his career in the Department of Statistics Malaysia on 2nd January 1990. He was appointed as the Chief Statistician of Malaysia on 14th February 2017.

He is the sixth Census Commissioner since the implementation of the first Malaysian Population and Housing Census in 1970. He was appointed by His Majesty the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong XVI, Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri'ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah on     1st April 2020.

Under his administration, he has transformed the implementation of the 2020 Census with use of latest technology as well as modernization of Census activities to be more efficient and cost-effective. The integrated Malaysia Integrated Population Census System (MyIPCS) was developed for 2020 Census using the latest technology and value for money investment. MyIPCS will be used for Census and future surveys by the Department of the same integrated architecture.

He was awarded the Johan Setia Mahkota Award which was awarded by the Federal Government of Kuala Lumpur on 6th September 2016.

In conjunction with the 87th birthday of DYMM Sultan of Pahang on 24th October 2017, he was awarded the Sri Sultan Ahmad Shah Pahang (S.S.A.P.) and bearing the title of Dato’ Sri.




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